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This film, “When Marnie Was There”, is definitely one of my new favorite Ghibli films, and not just because my song is in it. Don’t get me wrong…. I love ALL Ghibli movies, but this one is in the tops. It truly is a film about love. Not the romantic kind. But the pure kind, that we are all born with.
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why don’t i ever get asks anymore

theprincessandthepooper asked:
one time in 1st grade we were having our snack break or something and I farted super loud and a teacher from the other room came rushing in yelling "IS EVERYTHING OKAY" cause she thought something fell or something idk but my teacher was just like "uh yeah" so yep



Tell me your embarrassing fart stories!

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Once when i was youngerI had stomach pains so my parents took me to the doctors and the doctor came in and did the exam or whatever. And he looked up at my parents will the straightest face and was like "your daughter is full of shit."

Pleae tell me embarrassing stories

How embarrassing!

I commented some shit on a dating page on facebook where someone was lookig for a “beautiful girl with long brown hair and brown eyes with a pierced nose” but I knew it wasn’t me (like always) so I wrote “I thought I was the one… how sadd ;D”
Then someone said, do you have a double name? Cause the girls name was mentioned
But I tought he ment my fucking last name cause its also a first bame you now.. lucia is also a normal name hahahahha omgg I can’t even explain it’s ridiculous muhaha but its so embarrassing cause I said nooo its my beautiful last name omgg i didn’t get it

(What he heck did you guys even get my mind’s ejaculate ??)
Omg im a fucking prick lol

Did i mention that i was honored with the ‘confused one’ award in high school?

War everywhere


Tonkatsu Mcburger, mmmm
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